Pastor Mary A. Campbell

Pastor Mary A. Campbell
Mary A. Campbell was born the eldest child to Leroy Redeaux and Elnora Redeaux of Beaumont, Texas on December 27, 1958.  Mary A. Campbell married Leon Campbell in August of 1978.  This dynamic duo pastor New Life in Christ Christian Center in Beaumont, Texas.  Pastor Mary was the director of the onsite daycare, Early Starters Learning Center for over five years of which 85 percent of their enrolled students graduated from public and private schools early and/or with honors.  Parents contribute the success of their students to Pastor Mary’s love for children and education that she instilled within the students.
Pastor Mary was ordained in 2014 and took her rightful, pre-destined place as Co-Pastor of New Life in Christ Christian Center.  Born to a dynamic woman of God and founder of New Life in Christ Christian Center, Pastor Elnora Redeaux, Pastor Mary have been working in ministry since her teenage years.  As a great intercessor that knows how to get prayers through to God, a mentor, life coach, counselor and mighty preacher and teacher Pastor Mary has touched many lives.
In addition to being a mother of three Pastor Mary is the executive director of Women of Worth New Life in Christ Christian Center women’s ministry.  Pastor Mary mentors through this ministry first ladies as well as young and old adult women.  Pastor Mary host a yearly women’s conference bringing awareness to domestic violence of women and children, encouraging the church to step up and not be silent in an effort to help the broken heal.  Through this conference many lives have been saved and many churches have started programs to help women and children who are victims of domestic violence. Pastor Mary has a heart for the people and handles people with much compassion just as Jesus did.
Pastor Mary is dedicated to creating a genuine worship experience that allows the Holy Spirit to freely operate during service as well in her everyday life.  With the help of the Holy Spirit Pastor Mary facilitates an experience that glorifies God as she spreads the Gospel of Jesus Christ and produce assets in the body of Christ.  Together Pastors Leon and Mary Campbell labor in the body of Christ helping save souls, counseling as well as preaching and teaching the Word of God.
The Campbell’s are committed to their family as they have been married for over 35 years..  They have two daughters and one son: Rekinya Harmon, husband-Bryan Harmon; Crystal Campbell; and Jonathan Campbell.  The Campbell’s are also very proud and hands-on grandparents to their two grandchildren: Bryan Harmon Jr. and Kamierey Harmon.  All of the Campbell children as well as grandchildren has been marked for ministry with all of their children currently working in the ministry alongside them.